At Manchac Farms we produce and source only the best Heritage Breed pork from local, small, artisan farmers, like ourselves, that adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare.  Closer the farm to your table means fresher meat and fresher meat just tastes better! 

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When you are eating Manchac Farms Heritage Pork you are supporting small farmers right here in South Louisiana.  As Louisianians we pride ourselves on a unique and flavorful food culture and no-one understands this more than we do at Manchac Farms. 

​Manchac Farm's Heritage Breed Pork is raised naturally in open fields on 100% plant and forage based diets to allow these pigs to mature as Mother Nature intended.  Rotational grazing is thoughtfully applied to ensure the pigs have sustainable forage and  because of our focus on flavor and animal welfare our pork is naturally more tender, flavorful and moist.