REAL. Heritage. pork.

At Manchac Farms we focus on producing and purveying heritage breed pigs in South Louisiana for the discerning pork consumer, restaurants and chefs.  If you are looking for a artisan pork, look no further.  If you have a special request or specific breed, we can locate that animal.  If you want custom finishing, we can do that as well.

Like a home grown tomato, care and passion are the ingredients to Manchac Farms Heritage Pork, the  product you get is of much higher quality.  You could say our pork is "vine ripened"; we do not rush the growth process of the pigs.  Our pigs typically take up to 24 months before they are ready to be pork.  This is a significant difference to what you typically see in your local grocery where that pig was only 5-6 months old before becoming pork. 


Manchac Farms Heritage Pork is raised with no hormones and no antibiotics; allowed to freely graze on pecan and acorn tree rich fields in South Louisiana. Our pork is 100% natural and always with no additives, fillers or salt water solutions. 


Heritage breed pigs come from bloodlines going back hundreds of years when livestock was raised on multi-use, open-pasture farms. Because of their lifestyle and inherent genes, different breeds became known for a variety of characteristics, including the rich and hearty taste of their meat, distinct marbling, bacon flavors and creamy fat.*


At Manchac Farms we focus on the PIG because the better we treat the pig the tastier pork she will give us. Our standards including 100% plant based and forage diets, to giving the herd full access to graze and comfortable shelter from the harsh elements is all aimed at producing a better product.  Happier pigs make tastier pork!